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In collaboration with Inspecterra, TRACE-SI now proudly offers the cutting-edge iCAMM technology for advanced corrosion mapping. This partnership enhances our ability to provide specialized, client-centric solutions, streamlining project execution with innovative data collection methodologies. iCAMM's integration into our services enables precise, non-destructive testing and analysis, offering unparalleled insights into structural integrity and corrosion impact. Our commitment to delivering detailed, actionable reports remains steadfast, supporting informed decisions on maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation, while our capacity for creating 3D models and digital twins from this data further cements our role as leaders in structural analysis and safety assessment.


The iCAMM technology offers a revolutionary approach to infrastructure condition assessment by utilizing magnetic properties to detect corrosion, stress distribution, and defects in ferromagnetic materials like steel reinforcement in concrete and underground pipelines. This handheld scanner and software system deliver precise, non-destructive analysis, unaffected by environmental conditions, allowing for rapid, large-area screenings.

Using iCAMM leads to more accurate, quantitative data for risk management and structural integrity evaluations. Its ability to quickly screen vast areas and provide detailed mapping of defects and stress without the need for surface preparation or concern for environmental impacts significantly enhances safety assessments and maintenance planning.

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