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Grout void detection

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Project Consulting

TRACE-SI specialise in tailoring project scopes that meet a client's unique needs, ensuring efficient and effective achievement of project objectives. By using innovative and holistic data collection methods, TRACE-SI can gather comprehensive information quickly, reducing costs and providing valuable insights into structures. Our consulting services extend to managing all aspects of investigations, including data collection, analysis, and reporting, thereby providing in-depth analysis and detailed reports on the construction and key connections of structures.

In addition, TRACE-SI offer data analysis and reporting services for clients with existing non-destructive testing (NDT) data. We can analyse data, perform utility mapping, and produce detailed, user-friendly reports. These reports not only highlight inspection methodologies and findings but also offer extensive information on construction details and a structure's condition, aiding engineers in making informed maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation decisions.

TRACE-SI can even create 3D models and digital twins of structures using LiDAR surveys and other non-intrusive inspection data. These digital representations act as a comprehensive and accurate source of truth about a structure's current condition, facilitating better decision-making by providing engineers with a clear and accessible view of necessary calculations and assessments regarding the structure’s maintenance and safety.

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